If you like to think about things, this blog is for you. That describes a lot of science blogs out there, so maybe I should specify:

If you like to turn things over in your head and find yourself applying a mix of logical analysis and intuition, this blog is for you.

If you have ever written non-rhyming poetry about the Big Bang (or are writing it now, in which case, carry on!), this blog is for you.

If you know the left-brain/right-brain thing is a myth but would be insulted at not getting a nearly-equal score in an online quiz, this blog is for you.

If none of the above is true, we are probably pretty different people, but maybe this blog is still for you. Give it a shot!

What all of this means for you, dear reader (I don’t know, maybe the “dear” is too much), is that I won’t promise to give you a consistent type of post. There are tons of people out there finding cool science news every day, and I’ll probably do some of that, or point you to those who are. But sometimes I just want to think about something that isn’t news—maybe I just finished a book that made me think about fish in a new way, or I’m suddenly really interested in Hebrew grammar. If you like reading about interesting things, new or old, scientifically rigorous or maddeningly illogical, you’ll probably enjoy a lot of what I come up with.

There will probably be no cosmological poetry—but then again, there’s plenty of poetic cosmology out there already.